Research: Obesity Campaigns

On visually researching diabetes and obesity I came across these campaigns which, considering the Nudge approaches that I have just read about – some of these campaigns are definitely not taking the soft approach – they can be a shove or a push. Most of these campaigns were used in the USA where there is an incredibly high proportion of obesity in children. I do however think some of these campaigns are very clever and bold in their approach to take on the mighty branded companies that children often identify with before they can read or write.

Most of these campaigns however are aimed at the older teenage audience who can appreciate the irony or the parents. However I think there needs to be in some cases further information to inform the viewer of the consequences.

Stop Childhood Obesity campaign

Brand: Haribo, Pringles, KFC – Entrant: Pixel 8 – Year Entered: 2012 – Credited Individuals: Jon Massey – Designer, Molly Whitehead-Jones – copywriter and Louise Carr – creative director

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Categories: Best Consumer Ad or Campaign Obesity_Campaign

This Shocking Anti-Childhood Obesity Campaign Is Stirring National Controversy


 Under the Microscope: Dissecting the Georgia Anti-Obesity Campaign

Choose To Live Better


Health secretary axes £75m marketing budget for anti-obesity drive


‘The Obesity Games’ report – junk food sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympic Games CFC_ObesityGamesInfographic_lrg

Childhood Obesity


Government campaigns to fight obesity can work


Childhood Obesity Research Report


Coke Still Needs to Get Real

The soda giant’s slick campaign to make us think its products are getting healthier might change public perceptions — but it won’t make soda good for you.

By Jill Richardson


Obesity part 2


Just How Bad Is Obesity In America?


Jamie Oliver’s sugar tax campaign joined by Abokado


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